"Meet the lady gaga of literature!

on my knees is sexy, funny, titillating, and badass."

 Toure, Author & co-host of the cycle on msnbc



"Bold, sassy, and totally fucking cool.

If truth in comedy is my mantra,

then the goddess I pray to is Periel Aschenbrand."

Lesley Arfin, Author of Dear Diary & senior writer for hbo series girls



"funny funny funny."

JAMES FREY, New York times bestselling author



"Uproarious...fearlessly fun...evokes the same playful crudeness found in the writing of chelsea Handler or Sarah silverman."





FROM THE PUBLISHER Armed with her wicked wit and a motley cast of characters that includes her hovering Jewish mother, her drama queen uncle, and her neurotic best friend/wing woman. Aschenbrand takes readers on a journey through the seventh circle of single-girl hell—crazy one night stands; an unhealthy attachment to a dental hygienist; a run-in with Phillip Roth and, in the end, a trip to Israel and an encounter with a man who helps her regain her footing and find her heart.